Mentors Program

Charter Schools – In 1988 Ray Budd conceived the notion of Charter Schools. Theses unique school systems provided an alternative to public schools systems.

The charter school is designed to operate as legal and financially autonomous schools. They have unique characteristics.


These include:

They operate without tuition
They have no religious or philosophical affiliation
They maintains a highly selective student admissions process and ongoing student success determines their ongoing participation
They employ a faculty that have both specialized skills and that maintains high moral and educational operating standards
And they are owned by a single entity that provides leadership, polices, procedures, ongoing training, and development

Program Overview:

Over the past 15 years the Council of Tribes has been developing the nationwide Mentors program into a charter school network.

Today, the Mentors programs are not a local community organization but rather a school system that serves the entire community.

Each Mentor programs operate without tuition. The programs are free.

However there are associated costs for meeting room rentals, snacks and food. All are expected to contribute toward this cost. There is an initial $25.00 non-refundable registration fee. Registration fee is payable at the first Orientation meeting and is used to cover miscellaneous expenses. No one in the Council of Tribes receives a salary or paycheck.

The Mentors programs have no philosophical affiliations. Everyone is welcome regardless of group or club affiliation.

We have very strict code of conduct polices and The Council of Tribes’ Mentors Program prohibits any form of discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identification, or any other characteristic or status protected by law.

Each Mentors program is owned by the Council of Tribes and run by local Program Administrators.

The Council of Tribes provide leadership, polices, procedures, ongoing training, and new classes and program development to the Program Administrators. Together we provide a non-political learning environment where apprentices can focus on acquiring skills and social knowledge of the overall lifestyle.

Apprentice Selection:

The Mentor program maintains a highly selective student admissions process and ongoing student success determines their ongoing participation.

A Balance of Inclusivity and Restrictive Membership

The Mentors Program is designed for those who are serious about their personal growth and are willing to dedicate a substantial amount of time to their personal development.

For us, inclusiveness means creating an educational environment where people with a sincere desire to learn can do so without distraction.

However we also believe in the concept of restrictive membership.

There are people who will not be eligible for membership in the Mentor Program.

Sex Offenders: – Individuals who have been convicted and are listed as Sex Offenders are subject to a review of their situation. Convictions of rape, molestation and pedophilia immediately disqualify you from membership in a Council of Tribes’ Mentors program.

Sex Workers: – The term “Sex Worker” is an umbrella term describing the overall sex industry.

The industry is divided into categories such as phone sex operator, Pro-Dominatrix, adult store owner, prostitutes etc.

Most sex workers qualify for enrollment in the Mentors Program.

However those involved in the physical act of sex for money such as prostitution or Pro- Dominatrix work that include sexual services are ineligible for enrollment.

Divisive Individuals: – Communities often have individuals whose patterns of behavior will disqualify them from the program. Evidence of repeat difficulties with divisiveness, gossip and rumormongering and creating division through intentional manipulations or drama may disqualify an individual from enrollment.

Drugs: – The use of non-prescription drugs are not allowed at any Mentor Program events or training sessions.

Mentor Selection:

Each Mentors program seeks out the most qualified individuals in the community to be Mentors. These Mentors have both specialized skills and maintains high moral and educational operating standards.

We actively solicit new Mentors but they have to pass through an initial vetting process as well. We do ask for and check references. Their community reputation means something to us. Individuals may self-nominate themselves as a mentor and we encourgae you to do so.

We invite you to join the Mentors core. For more information contact Master David Walker.