Leadership Training

The Council of Tribes provides ongoing leadership support and classes to its consortium members. These include:

White Papers: – Leadership perspectives by experienced leaders from across the nation.

Electronic Databases: – Databases include Regional Club Membership list with contact information, web site addresses and more.

Approved Presenter List: – This is a list of authoritative presenters who is willing to present to smaller clubs, groups and organizations.

Regional Leadership Conference: – The Gathering of the Tribes is a Regional Leadership Conference designed to support both BDSM and Leather leaders across a six state region.

The conference is also sponsored by larger clubs and organizations to provide leaders with cost effective leadership classes and the opportunity to come together and learn from one another.

We invite clubs from across the region to send one or two leaders from your club and add your voice and opinions to this year’s Gathering of the Tribes. Conference cost are steeply discounted. Conference cost is typically is $20.00 and hotel cost as low as $79.00 a room.

2012 Courses Presented

* Visionary Leadership vs. Supervisory Leadership
* How to Start and Organize a New Leather Club, Chapter, or BDSM Organization
* Building Healthy Communities
* Creative Conflict
* Effective Fundraising
* Designing Classes and Working with Presenters and
* Membership Retention and Support Services

Check the Website for Detailed Course Information

2012 Gathering of the Tribes – Sponsored by



The Council of Tribes

DFW Leather Corps


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