The Council of Tribes is a development group made up of current and past BDSM and Leather club leaders. These individuals and group leaders work together to create cohesive communities.

Our Mission Statement is
1. To provide educational programs for local communities.
2. To provide initial program implementation and support.
3. To provide a forum for the mutual exchange of ideas in the area of local and regional community development.

To accomplish our mission we create and establish ongoing training programs to support local communities across the nation.

We invite your group or organization to join the Council of Tribes consortium of leaders. For more information contact Master David Walker.

Dominant and submissive Mentoring Programs

These yearlong Mentoring programs are designed for those who are serious about their personal growth and are willing to dedicate a substantial amount of time to their personal development.

Here is the 2013 scheduled Mentoring programs.

Austin Mentors Program

Austin subMentors Program
Colorado Mentors Program

Colorado sub Mentors Program

Dallas Mentors Program

Dallas subMentors Program

Graduate Patches:

The mentoring programs are designed to be challenging.

We hold individuals to a high bar of ethical and practical standards. Those who graduate from the mentors program receive Graduation patches commemorating their accomplishment. Indeed these are exceptional people who have endured an intensive study regiment.

The Apprentice Patch slogan says, “Tempered, Tried and Proven”. They have gone through the difficult moments and are stronger for the experience. They are the tried and proven who can give their word and keep it. Only a graduate truly understands what this means because it reflects an once in a lifetime experience.

The Mentors Patch slogan says, “Facts non Verba” which means Action Not Words. The mentors are carefully selected and vetted to be the best a community has to offer. They are the ones that are living examples and are the best individuals to learn from because they “walk their talk”.